Trinity Bible College Retires Football Program

Today, with great sadness, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School has announced that this past season will be its last with a football program.  For the last four seasons, the Lions have competed with less than 27 players.  Playing with so few of players puts the student-athletes at tremendous risk of serious injury.  The college cannot, in good faith, continue to subject the players to this risk.  There have been two NCAA Div. 3 programs that have ended/canceled in the last five years that have cited player safety because of low numbers.  We have been under their "threshold for safety" for the last 4 years. 

Along the same lines, it has become increasingly difficult to find schools with similar amounts of players.  Most of the schools in our area are scholarship-based schools or they are in a large conference that makes it difficult to schedule out of conference games.  The travel takes its toll on both the athletes and coaches and adds another dimension of risk to them. 

Football has been an important part of the community of Trinity Bible College for over 30 years and will be missed tremendously.