Lions Basketball Season Recap

Lions Basketball Season Recap

The Lions men's basketball team never failed to make games entertaining throughout the season, the Lions possessed a great ability to score points which meant they we never out of any game. Another reason for future optimism is that they only graduate one senior off of the team that being Josh Bauska. Coming back the Lions will have many building blocks such as Logan Klitzke, Tommy McIntosh, Jamal Williams, Parker Stemen and Tyler Bliss. 

The Lions saw themselves grow as the season went forward as they were able to knock off a high seeded Providence University College, along with knocking off Oak Hills Christian College, which at that point was undefeated in conference play. The Lions also knocked of fellow NCCAA regional team in Faith Baptist Bible College by double digits. The Lions also had 7 games that were decided by 8 points or less which could have greatly alerted this season. 

The Lions had many different contributors through out the season as two Lions appeared in all the games this season being Logan Klitzke who started all 25 games and Tommy McIntosh appeared in 25 games and started 16. Jamal Williams started in 24 games missing just one game, Avery Parrish played in 22 games starting 18. Leroy Slaton appeared in 15 games along with starting all 15. Tyler Bliss and Tj Martinez both appeared in 13 and each started around a handful. Javaree Cardwell and Dakota King both appeared in eight games as well. The Lions were lead by Jamal Williams as he paced the team with 24.6 ppg along with scoring his 1,000th point; Logan Klitzke was 2nd with 18.4 ppg. Leroy Slaton led the Lions with 3.6 offensive boards a game, he also led the team in rebounding with 8.5 per game; Logan Klitzke also grabbed 7.8 rebounds per game. Jamal Williams also averaged 4.2 assists per game for the Lions and he also had a team high 3.4 steals per game as well.

NCCAA Leaders

Scoring- 2nd Jamal Williams 24.6 ppg

Scoring- 12th Logan Klitzke 18.4 ppg

Rebounds- 11th Logan Klitzke 7.8 rpg

Rebounds- 23rd Jamal Williams 7.0 rpg

Defensive Rebounds- 4th Logan Klitzke 6.8 rpg

3pt Makes Per Game- 16th Logan Klitzke 2.5 pg

Assists- 5th Jamal Williams 4.2 apg

Steals- 1st Jamal Williams 3.4 spg

NCCAA Single Game Highs

Points- 4th Jamal Williams 42 (twice) points

Points- 10th Jamal Williams 38 points

Points- 13th Jamal Williams 37 points

Points- 18th Logan Klitzke 35 points

Free Throw Attempts- 2nd Jamal Williams 19 attempts

Free Throw Attempts- 4th Jamal Williams 17 attempts

Field Goal Makes- 8th Jamal Williams 15 made

Field Goal Attempts- 2nd Jamal Williams 30 attempts

Steals- 10th Jamal Williams 7 steals

Steals- 17th Jamal Williams 6 steals

Free Throws Made- 6th Jamal Williams 14 made

Free Throws Made- 14th Jamal Williams 12 made

Free Throws Made- 19th Jamal Williams 11 made