Lions Men Split Games With TMCC

Lions Men Split Games With TMCC


Jan. 12th -

-The Lions were struggling to put the ball in the basket from the beginning of this game as the Mikinocks from Turtle Mountain went off.

-Shooting 53% on the game for threes allowed the Mikinocks to stay on top as they went into half time with a sizable 48 to 21 lead.

-The Lions weren't done yet as they came out of half looking to make up for their first half mistakes by trying to force turnovers of their own.

-The Lions fought hard and did everything they could to get back in this game and close the deficit.

-TMCC would not allow this as they continued to have a tremendous shooting night.

-The game was out of reach as the Lions fell 95 to 71 to TMCC.

Jan. 13th –

-On the second day of this double header in the Ray Ulmer field house the Lions looked to take back control.

-The Lions seemed more determined in this game putting them in a better position than the day before.

-Four minutes to go in the 1st half the Lions found themselves down by 10, but Josh Bauska led the charge to gain back some ground.

-The Lions were only down 2 at halftime 41 to 43.

-The 2nd half was a back and forth battle between the two conference rivals.

-The Lions were able to get up by as many as 10 points until the Mikinocks went on a 12 to 3 brining the game within a point 85 to 84.

-Two clutch free-throws by Junior Parker Stemen, and a steal by Logan Klitzke followed by Avery Parrish with a fast break layup would clench the game for the Lions.  

-The Lions beat the TMCC Might Mikinocks 89-86.



Jan. 12th -  

- The Lions shot 48 percent from the field (26/65), 16 percent on 3's (15/29) and 51 percent on FT's (15/29).

- TMCC shot 51 percent from the field (33/68), 53 percent on 3's (15/28) and 77 percent on FT's (14/18).

-The Lions had 5 players in double figures, led by Zach Marengo who would get a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebound.

-Logan Klitzke added 13 points of his own followed by Parker Stemen with 11.

-Cooper Nofziger and Tash Williams both added 10 points of their own.

-The Lions had 17 offensive rebounds while TMCC had 9; Lions won the rebounding battle 43 to 29.

Jan. 13th –

- The Lions shot 46 percent from the field (32/70), 28 percent on 3's (9/32) and 72 percent on FT's (16/22).

- TMCC shot 38 percent from the field (26/67), 26 percent on 3's (11/42) and 77 percent on FT's (23/30).

-The Lions had 6 players in double figures led by Josh Bauska who had 17 points and 7 rebounds. 

- Logan Klitzke and Cooper Nofziger added 14 points, Parker Stemen and Zach Marengo pitched in with 13 points each.

-Tash Williams would record a double-double for the game with 10 points and 11 Rebounds.

 -The Lions would out rebound the Mikinocks 43 to 34.

Trinity Bible College Current Record: 6-8