Lions Improve to 2-1 in NIAC

Lions Improve to 2-1 in NIAC


The Wolves got out to a fast start using a 20 to 5 run in the first 5 minutes to take the lead.

The Lions battled back using a 17 to 2 run to tie the game at 22 to 22 with 11 minutes left in the 1st half.

The Wolves would use another run to take a 10 point lead with 4 minutes left in the half, however the Lions fought back with a 17 to 5 run heading into halftime.

The Lions took a 50 to 48 lead into halftime.

The back and forth game continued in the 2nd half until the Lions used another run to take a 20 point lead 98 to 78 with 4 minutes to play in the game.

The Wolves did not give up as they would get within 4 points with 2 minutes to play. The Lions were able to hold off the Wolves and go on to win by 9.

The Lions beat the Wolves 104 to 95.


- The Lions shot 48 percent from the field (42/86), 33 percent on 3's (9/27) and 50 percent on FT's (11/22).

- The Wolves shot 44 percent from the field (40/89), 32 percent on 3's (8/25) and 50 percent on FT's (7/14).

-The Lions had 13 offensive rebounds to the Wolves 14.

-Aaron Stemen led the Lions with 27 points and 7 rebounds

-Jamal Williams scored 24 points off the bench for the Lions.  

- Trinity Bible College Current Record: 2-9